Auckland's Northern Motorway to be closed most nights for four months

Auckland’s Northern Motorway to be closed most nights for next four months, starting this Sunday

The Northern Motorway (SH1) will be closed between Upper Harbour Highway/ Constellation Drive and Oteha Valley Road from Sunday to Thursday between 9pm and 5am. The closures start this Sunday (21 January) and will continue every week for four months.

The night time closures will allow crews to start preparations for the Northern Corridor Improvements (NCI) project, due to get under way later this year.

The crews will be resurfacing the motorway, painting new line markings and relocating the median barriers and overhead gantry boards, says the Transport Agency’s Senior Manager Project Delivery, Chris Hunt.

The repainted lanes will be narrower, so as the work progresses along the 4km stretch of motorway the speed limit will be reduced to 80km.

'The work is being carried out at night to reduce disruption and delays on the roads and motorway during the busiest parts of the day. Closing the motorway ensures the safety of our crews working at night and all other road users,' says Mr Hunt.

The closures will apply to all motorway lanes and the on and off ramps between the two interchanges, including all ramps at the Greville Road interchange. However vehicles will still be able to travel northbound from the onramps at Oteha Valley Road, and travel southbound using the Upper Harbour Highway/Constellation on- ramp to the city, as well as drive along Greville Road itself.

There will be separate signposted detours for north and south-bound traffic.

'Vehicles will be directed along the same detour routes every night, making it easier and more familiar for people who travel regularly at night. But drivers will need to plan ahead and allow more time for their journeys.'

'We thank you in advance for your support, and apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause,' says Mr Hunt.

The NCI project will build a new motorway connection between SH1 (Northern Motorway) and SH18 (Upper Harbour Highway) to complete the Western Ring Route, upgrade Upper Harbour Highway, add new motorway lanes to SH1, build an extension of the Northern Busway and add more than 7kms of new walking and cycling paths.

'The project is an important link in helping to realise the full benefits of the Western Ring Route by giving people an alternative route to State Highway 1 and the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It will also create better travel choices for walkers, cyclists and users of public transport,' says Mr Hunt.

The NCI project will be completed in stages over the next three years.

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