Black ice conditions still a risk on southern highways


The Transport Agency says black ice that caused major disruptions on Christchurch and other South Island highways this morning, aren’t expected to ease until early afternoon.

Transport Agency Journey Manager Lee Wright says the severity of the black ice caught many drivers out, resulting in several crashes in and around Christchurch in particular. After a spell of relatively mild winters, this one has been especially harsh so far and made driving conditions very challenging.

Black ice is especially treacherous, because it’s hard to see. Drivers need to keep their speeds down as they never know when they might hit ice and potentially lose control of their vehicle. They should allow more time for trips, as they cannot safely maintain the sort of speeds they may normally travel at.

Ms Wright says putting off a journey until a little later in the morning when the black ice threat isn’t so high, is a good idea. Checking on road conditions  is important to see where the worst black ice areas are, and taking extra on bridge decks and shaded road cuttings, where ice tends to linger longer.

We are expecting similar icy ice conditions tomorrow morning, and drivers will need to be extra vigilant to avoid a repeat of what occurred on Christchurch roads this morning she said.


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