Bridge repairs between Jacksons and Kumara next week – delays of 30 minutes afternoon, 15 minutes morning


The NZ Transport Agency’s maintenance team will be resealing the one-lane Wainihinihi Bridge at Turiwhate, half way between Jacksons and Kumara next week, weather permitting.

The work requires two dry and sunny days in a row to occur on the second dry day. It is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 October with Thursday, 27 October as a back-up day. 


The work will cause delays of 15 minutes between 8 am and 1 pm and 30 minute delays in the afternoon 1 pm to 3 pm. The alternative route is via Lake Brunner Road between Jacksons and Stillwater. 

Electronic signs will advertise the work and the delays for drivers at Arthurs Pass and Kumara Junction. 

The bridge is currently down to 30 km/hour and this resealing is designed to make it safe for the summer ahead. More work is planned in the New Year. 

“Thanks to all road users for taking care around crews and planning their journey while this bridge gets this essential maintenance,” says Lee Wright, Transport Agency Journey Manager.