Brougham Street works to improve safety and traffic flow


Work is underway at three intersections along Brougham Street (State Highway 76), Christchurch, to improve pedestrian and cycle safety, as well as traffic flows.

The NZ Transport Agency is installing staggered pedestrian crossings on Brougham Street at both the Waltham Road and Colombo Street intersections, and reinstating the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Brougham Street and Durham Street. As part of this project, Durham Street will also be changed to provide dual right-turn and a single left-turn lanes.

The staggered crossings will be similar to those installed at the intersection of Victoria Street, Papanui Road and Bealey Avenue. Pedestrians cross the road in two phases, first to a protected island in the middle of the road and then to the far side.

The Transport Agency’s Acting Highway Manager Pete Connors says the work at the three intersections is designed to improve pedestrian safety, while at the same time improving traffic flow along Brougham Street, a key freight route.

Work is also progressing on the design for a staggered pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Brougham Street and Selwyn Street, where the traffic light phasing will also be changed to allow a protected right-turn from Brougham Street.

Mr Connors says the staggered crossings improve pedestrian safety by providing a safe refuge for pedestrians to wait, and better traffic flows with longer green traffic light phases for vehicles travelling along Brougham Street.

Work on the first three intersections is expected to be completed in April, with the Selwyn Street improvements scheduled to get underway in March and take up to two months to complete.

He says the majority of the work will be completed at night to reduce traffic delays and coincides with routine maintenance on the highway to repair, reconstruct and re-seal the highway.

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