Care needed during holiday weekend


There will be changes to driving conditions on some state highways in Auckland and Northland during Queen's Birthday Weekend, and the NZ Transport Agency says people should be aware of speed restrictions or detours at those locations for a safe journey.

Auckland south area

  • Southern Motorway (State Highway 1), Papakura interchange:   Southbound on and off ramps will be closed from 10pm on Friday, 31 May, until next Tuesday morning as part of interchange upgrade

Auckland north and Northland south areas

  • SH1, Puhoi: shoulder closure southbound 
  • SH1, south of Wellsford near Robertson Rd: uneven surface
  • SH1, Te Hana Bridge, te Hana: uneven surface northbound
  • SH1, Maeneene Rd, north of the Mangawhai Rd turn-off: uneven surface northbound 
  • SH12, Maungaturoto:  50 km/h speed restriction just east of diary factory.
  • SH12, Maungaturoto: highway improvements through the township
  • SH12, Matakohe: 70 km/h & 50 km/h speed restrictions due to uneven surfaces. 
  • SH16, Omeru:  50 km/h speed restriction due to uneven surface

Northland north area

  • SH1, Hikurangi: shoulder closures both sides
  • SH1 Makene Slip (Mungamukas): 30km/h speed limit, single lane controlled by traffic lights
  • SH1 just south Te Pua Rd (Ohaeawai):  70km/h speed limit for an uneven surface

The NZTA says highways and roads will be busier than normal and it will be working with the Police, ACC and local authorities to ensure traffic flows smoothly.  Other information to help provide a safer and smoother journey for people during the long weekend includes:- 

Driving conditions

Fatigue stops 

  • SH1 (Southern Motorway), BP Drury truck stop (heavy vehicles Thursday, 30 May, and light vehicles/cars Friday, 31 May)
  • SH1 (north bound):  Pohuehue Scenic Reserve, south of Warkworth (2-6pm Friday, 31 May)


  • A rural highway alternative between Wellsford and Auckland to avoid heavy traffic on SH1   Access from west Auckland and the Silverdale interchange on SH1  

Northern Gateway Toll Road feedback

  • Toll fees:  $2.20 for cars, light vehicles and motorcycles; $4.40 per trip for heavy vehicles
  • No surcharge applies for trips bought on-line at link) or when people open an account
  • Surcharges apply for trips bought at the kiosks (40c per transaction regardless of the number of trips bought) and from the call centre – free phone 0800 40 40 20 ($3.70 per transaction regardless of the number of trips bought)
  • Call centre open Queen’s Birthday Monday (8am-8pm) for accounts and one-off transactions,  closed Saturday and Sunday
  • People have up to 5 days to pay after using the toll road.