Changes at Auckland’s busy Papakura Interchange


The NZ Transport Agency is introducing significant changes for drivers using the Papakura interchange on Auckland’s Southern Motorway (State Highway 1) in the next few weeks.

The T2 bypass lane currently used by drivers accessing the northbound lanes of the motorway from Karaka will be closed from Sunday 26 August, and on Monday 2 September new traffic signals which will affect all drivers using the interchange become operational. 

The Transport Agency’s Highways Manager Tommy Parker says the T2 closure is linked with the switching on of the traffic signals.

“At the moment there is some congestion caused by traffic from Papakura and Karaka joining the motorway. The temporary closure of the T2 lane will help us understand what role it plays in that congestion. We want to close the lane before we switch on the new set of traffic signals so that we can get a before and after picture of the issue.”

The T2 bypass lane will be closed for two weeks. Two new sets of traffic signals will be located at the on and off-ramps on the interchange. Mr Parker says they will make getting on and off the motorway safer, but drivers will need to be aware of this change and take extra care until they get use to the new layout. 

The $35M upgrade of the interchange is part of a wider Transport Agency programme of works it is accelerating to improve journey times along the Southern Motorway between Papakura and Manukau.