Changes to Harewood/Russley Road roundabout


The NZ Transport Agency is urging motorists in Christchurch to be aware of changes being made this week to the city’s SH1 Harewood/Russley Road roundabout.

As part of the Russley Road Upgrade project, the roundabout will be enlarged to allow work on a pedestrian/cycle underpass to continue in the centre island. A large crane will be moved into the middle of the roundabout from today to assist with this work.

NZ Transport Agency Regional State Highways Manager Colin Knaggs urged motorists to be aware of changes in the roundabout’s camber and to ensure they keep to the posted speed limit for everyone’s safety, including the men and women working at the site.

“Occasionally we may have to reduce some of the approaches to one lane during off-peak hours. Cycle and pedestrian access will be maintained while our contractors are working. Parking and speed restrictions will remain in place around our sites, we will also use water filled barriers to guide traffic and protect our work crews. We ask motorists to be aware of changes in traffic management, follow on-site signage and drive to the conditions.”

The Russley Road Upgrade is part of the government's Roads of National Significance Programme. The project is a section of the Western Corridor project which will see SH1 four-laned and median separated from The Groynes to the centre of Hornby and also included a bypass to the west of Belfast.

As part of this project Russley Road/Memorial Avenue roundabout will be upgraded to an over-bridge with Russley Road going over Memorial Avenue and a large signalised intersection below allowing access across and into/out of Russley Road.