Changes to Paremata roundabout will ensure fairer flow of traffic


A solution to safety concerns and growing queues at Paremata roundabout during peak hours will soon be a reality, with the NZ Transport Agency introducing metered traffic lights for northbound traffic approaching the roundabout.

The Transport Agency’s Senior Journey Manager Neil Walker says the Paremata roundabout, on State Highway 1, has been an ongoing challenge for many years.

“One of the key concerns is the evening peak period which sees lengthy delays for southbound traffic, a constant flow of northbound traffic turning right from State Highway 1 towards State Highway 58, and safety concerns for vehicles attempting to exit Paremata Railway Station.

“It’s likely many of these issues will be addressed with the full opening of Transmission Gully, but the upcoming creation of additional car parks at Paremata Railway Station has increased the need for an interim solution,” Mr Walker says.

It is anticipated that the metered traffic lights on the southern approach to the roundabout will reduce peak travel times for vehicles exiting the railway station and significantly reduce southbound delays on State Highway 1.

Northbound traffic is expected to incur minor delays throughout the peak period. Creating gaps in the northbound traffic will make it safer for road users exiting the railway station and for southbound traffic entering the roundabout.

The metered traffic lights will be monitored and adjusted by the Transport Agency’s traffic operations centre if required, for example in the case of longer-than-expected delays or tailbacks for northbound traffic.

The lights will show only red and amber – there is no green signal. Road users will prepare to stop on the amber light, stop on the red, and proceed to the roundabout when both lights are off. Give way rules still apply at the roundabout at all times and when the light is operating.

Porirua City Council Transport Manager Darrell Statham says the metered traffic lights are the most appropriate, cost-effective and achievable solution to the safety concerns and growing queues at Paremata roundabout, and one that is optimised and safe for all road users.

“The Council is pleased that after many years of discussion, the NZ Transport Agency has come up with a solution that improves performance at the roundabout and provides a more balanced outcome for all road users.”

Construction of the metered lights has started this month and is expected to be completed by mid-July.

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