Christchurch Northern Corridor motorway and shared path fully open from early afternoon Thursday, 17 December


The new Christchurch Northern Corridor motorway and shared path will be open to drivers (on the motorway) and cyclists and walkers (on the shared path) on Thursday 17 December from early afternoon - around 1 pm.

Jim Harland, Director Regional Relationships for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, says it is great to see the new motorway and shared path open in time for Christmas. 

He encouraged drivers to take care in the early days as people get used to the route. “People will be wanting to take in the new views, so please give the driver ahead plenty of space.” 

Speed limits

The permanent speed limit on the Christchurch Northern Corridor will be 100km/h between the Waimakariri River and QEII Drive. It will reduce to 80km/h at the interchange with QEII Drive. The speed limit on QEII Drive will remain at 80km/h. 

The speed limit through the Cranford basin section will reduce from 80km/h to 50km/h. The speed limit will not change on the Cranford Street section of the project, which is 50km/h. 

The Northern Corridor connects central Christchurch to SH1 and the Waimakariri District and bypasses the residential suburbs of Belfast, Northwood and Redwood, which will help ease congestion on Main North Road.  

T2 and direct buses from 11 January, two weeks free rides, Park and Ride facilities ready to go

The motorway will have T2 (travel 2gether) lanes and connect with Park and Ride facilities in both Kaiapoi and Rangiora. These will have direct bus services to and from the Christchurch CBD, so it will be easier for commuters to carpool or take the bus.

From Monday 11 January, the T2 Lanes will be operational, the five Park and Ride facilities will open and the direct bus services will run from Kaiapoi and Rangiora straight into the CBD: four buses from Rangiora and four from Kaiapoi in the morning peak and five returning to each township during the evening commute. 

The first two weeks of this new bus service will be free: link)

More information about T2 and cycle maps: link)

A significant link in New Zealand’s safe cycle routes

The CNC’s 15 km of safe, separated shared paths (including along QEII Drive) to the Waimakariri River Bridge’s new cycle crossing, will be a significant link in the New Zealand Cycling Network. 

CNC map [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Temporary speed limits where work sites are being finished

There is minor work to be completed on the northern motorway, north of Tram Road and between Tram Road and Main North Road/Chaneys off ramp. A temporary 80km/h speed limit will be in place till just before Christmas (21 December). 

There is further maintenance work on Grimseys and Hills Road subways, Winters Road, electronic signs being tested on the gantries and finishing work on a culvert in the QEII Drive area. 

The Cranford Street and McFaddens Road pedestrian crossing will have a new fence installed in January. 

Landscaping work along the shared path and motorway alignment will be ongoing, including weed control and planting more trees and plants in the upcoming autumn season, April to September, 2021. 

The final surface layer, low noise asphalt, will be applied in late 2021. 

In January 2021, 11 art work information panels will be installed along the shared path. 


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