Despite cyclones, Nelson’s Rocks Road restored to smoother and safer for walkers, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers


After eight weeks of night work by the NZ Transport Agency’s Tasman Journeys team, the reconstruction of Nelson City’s coastal entrance along State Highway 6, Rocks Road, is close to complete.

Rocks Road, north of the Tahunanui retail area between Basin Reserve and Magazine Point, has been rebuilt and resurfaced.

Rocks Road this week

Rocks Road this week

The road rebuild was due to start early in February. Work was delayed by a week when ex-tropical-cyclone Fehi lashed the coastline, destroying the seawall, parts of the footpath and a restaurant perched at the edge of the road overlooking the sea. 

Crews worked with lights at night to minimise the effects on local drivers and access to the Port of Nelson and the city during the day.

 “A number of teams have worked hard to complete this work before winter and have the road re-marked in time for Easter Weekend, which was their original aim,” says Frank Porter, Transport Agency System Manager. 

Crews had to maintain the cliff face, remove the old concrete pad, install better drainage and new subsoil drains, install new streetlight ducting and cables, new kerb and channels, reconstruct the road surface including deep lift asphalt, reinstate the surface and mark it up for traffic and cyclists and repair the seawall at Magazine Point seawall and footpath. 

Some work remains to be completed but will not affect road users to the same degree, Mr Porter says. This includes resurfacing of the Basin Reserve Carpark (happening this week), installing new street lights, minor footpath repairs and repairs to the chain link fence at Magazine Point. 

“Thanks to all road users for slowing through this site in recent weeks. It is good to see the footpath and cycle way restored and the road surface smooth and strengthened,” says Mr Porter.