Dunedin’s harbour shared path completion out of the blocks


Work will start soon on the construction of the final section of the Dunedin to Port Chalmers shared path for cyclists and walkers alongside highway safety improvements between St Leonards and Port Chalmers.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has let a construction contract to Downer NZ Ltd, valued at $25 million to complete the works. Currently the shared path from Dunedin along State Highway 88 ends at St Leonards.

“It’s great that work will be underway soon to complete this really important link between Port Chalmers and the city centre,” says Dunedin Mayor-elect Aaron Hawkins. “The facility is wildly popular as far as St Leonards, and this final stage is eagerly anticipated.  

“Providing safer walking and cycling options is a key priority for Dunedin. As a resident of Port Chalmers, I’m well aware what a difference a completed shared path will make for all road users.”

Transport Agency Director Regional Relationships Jim Harland says work is anticipated to begin setting up before Christmas this year and will continue through till mid to late 2022.

The State Highway 88 Dunedin to Port Chalmers Safety Improvement project is designed to increase safety for all highway users, in particular, pedestrians and cyclists.

The project involves completing the last and most complex five kilometre stage of the shared walking/cycling path between St Leonards and Port Chalmers, as well as safety improvements to SH88, including installing roadside safety barriers. 

As well as being a busy freight route for traffic to and from Port Chalmers, the highway is also the first view of Dunedin for the thousands of people arriving via cruise liners at the port each summer season.

Mr Harland says the start of this project is a major milestone for Dunedin and represents a major road safety investment by the Transport Agency.

“Many people in the local community and across Dunedin will be thrilled that the final link in this shared walking and cycling path is about to begin.”

Find out more about the SH88 Dunedin to Port Chalmers safety improvements

On the other side of the harbour, Dunedin City Council’s Peninsula Connection shared path has been making good progress this year(external link)

Smiling cyclists pass each other on the SH88 shared path between Dunedin and St Leonards. One cyclist has a dog.

Cyclists enjoying the existing path between Dunedin and St Leonards

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