Extra onsite cameras to show Atiamuri Bridge Replacement project progress online


The Atiamuri Bridge Replacement project now has three online cameras in place so a greater range of the construction’s progress can be seen online.

Projects Services Manager, Bryce Carter, says two extra webcams have been added onsite in addition to the Earthcam camera installed earlier this year.

“New Zealand firm, ‘SNapitHD’ has now set up two extra cameras which will allow people to see what’s happening on the construction site in close to real time,” says Mr Carter. “These are not just additional tools for NZTA staff and construction crew to monitor and review progress on the project. They also enable the local community; those in construction and related industries; and anyone else who is interested in this project, to see its high quality, carefully planned construction work in action for themselves.”

One of the new cameras is located atop a small hill, just north of the river. It gives full panoramic coverage of most of the site (well over 1.5 km in length). The other new camera is fixed to the existing bridge and views the new bridge being built alongside the old.

All three cameras can be viewed online along with project updates, photos and other information at www.nzta.govt.nz/projects/atiamuri-bridge/(external link).

The $24M Atiamuri Bridge Replacement project got underway in November 2011 and it will see a new bridge constructed about 75 metres upstream of the current bridge on State Highway 1 (SH1), South Waikato. Mr Carter says SH1 is a significant freight route and the new bridge will ensure route security and improve safety, reliability and access along this section of SH1. “This will also bring regional and national benefits while stimulating economic growth in this area and New Zealand-wide.”