Fronting up on our performance


Our results and insights report for the third quarter of the 2013/14 financial year shows how we’re tracking against our Transport Agency performance targets.

Overall, we’re on track to meet most of our 2013/14 performance targets.

The following highlights specific third-quarter results that relate to our five priorities:  

Putting customers at the heart of our business

  • In the third quarter, we maintained our 95% customer satisfaction level for making it easy for customers to transact with us online.
  • The work programme includes improvements based on customer feedback. One of the most significant improvements has been an upgrade to our payment options by releasing ‘Poli 3’ which provides much enhanced usability over ‘Poli 2’, resulting in a 50% increase in the volume of customers completing their transaction using this particular payment service since the end of February.

Making the most of our urban network capacity

  • The Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC) is now fully operational. A partnership with ourselves, the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury, CTOC will make it easier for everyone to move around the city by improving traffic flows on both local roads and the state highways. This will minimise delays and detours, thereby reducing congestion and driver frustration.
  • Network operating plans for the major centres have been completed and are being used to identify opportunities for the 2015-18 NLTP.  These plans facilitate open discussions across the whole network, demonstrating trade-offs and agreeing objectives. 

Moving more freight on fewer trucks

  • Over the quarter we have continued to make substantial progress in rolling out our 50MAX initiative (50 tonne trucks that can access area-wide networks), with 80% of local authorities engaged in the process to roll-out the initiative and 50% now signed up to allow access for 50MAX vehicles. Since the beginning of this financial year have issued approximately 2,800 over-mass permits, 920 over-length permits and 650 50MAX permits. We are now issuing 50MAX permits within 2 working days of application.
  • Although we have significantly improved permit times for many of the more complex HPMV permits for 62 tonne vehicles that require specific route and structure analysis, we are unlikely to meet our ambitious target of a five day processing time before the end of this year. 

Safe speeds to reduce deaths and serious injuries

  • Good progress has been made on our safer speeds key result area, with national direction being developed with our partners. Engagement with the sector began in March.
  • The workshops build on last year’s work with the sector and our own staff. They aim to share progress on the national programme with local body officials and key staff, to test and gather feedback on actions and initiatives that may relate to future regional planning and investment. The workshops will also keep them up-to-date with the programme direction as they form their own activity plans.


Number of deaths and serious injuries on open (80-100km/h) roads (12 months rolling)​

Efficient road maintenance investment and delivery

  • At just over halfway through the 2012-15 NLTP period, we have achieved almost 52% of the targeted saving of $160m from maintenance, operations and renewals of state highways.
  • Rollout of outcome based network maintenance contracts is on track, with 8 new contracts either converted, awarded or out to tender in 7 regions. The rollout is attracting new entrants to the tender process, indicating a healthy and competitive procurement market.