Give way rule changes: intersection crash data


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is providing media organisations with background data on intersection crashes in New Zealand to assist with coverage of the implementation of new give way rules which come into force at 5am on Sunday 25 March.

The NZTA has compiled intersection crash statistics for the most recent five year period for which complete data is available, covering the period 2006 to 2010.

NZTA spokesperson Andy Knackstedt says the crash figures show that during that period, an average of 16,250 crashes were reported at intersections on New Zealand roads every year.

Broken down further, this equates to an average of 312 intersection crashes per week or 45 intersection crashes per day – meaning there is a crash at an intersection on New Zealand roads every 30 minutes.

“The point is that crashes at intersections are very common and they are happening all the time. There are literally dozens of crashes at intersections every single day on roads all around New Zealand.

“The reality is that there will be crashes at intersections this Sunday, and there will be crashes at intersections every day next week – because there are dozens of crashes at intersections every single day of the year.

“We’re asking media covering the implementation of the new rules this Sunday to keep that in mind and to resist the urge to link intersection crashes to the new rules before the facts are in. A little bit of perspective and context will go a long way.”

Over the long term the NZTA expects the new give way rules to reduce relevant intersection crashes by about seven percent, preventing around 100 injuries and one fatality each year.

Regional intersection crash figures for 2006-2010 follow below.

Crashes at intersections in New Zealand by Local Government Region – 2006-2010

Region Total crashes Average crashes per year Average crashes per week Average crashes per day
Northland 2,269 454 8.7 1.2
Auckland 31,019 6,204 119 17
Bay of Plenty 4,390 878 16.9 2.4
Waikato 7,429 1,486 28.6 4.1
Gisborne 920 184 3.5 0.5
Hawkes Bay 3,387 677 13.0 1.9
Taranaki 1,898 380 7.3 1.0
Manawatu/Wanganui 3,744 749 14.4 2.0
Wellington 8,200 1,640 31.5 4.5
Nelson/Marlborough 2,051 410 7.9 1.1
West Coast 393 79 1.5 0.2
Canterbury 9,631 1,962 37.7 5.3
Otago 3,797 759 14.6 2.1
Southland 2,111 422 8.1 1.2
All New Zealand 81,252 16,250 312 45