Great North Road Diversions at Waterview


There will be temporary changes to driving conditions along a section of Auckland’s Great North Road linked to the Waterview Connection project later this week.

From 5am Friday morning (23 January 2015), three lanes – two northbound and one southbound – will be diverted in a curve towards the west. The remaining southbound lane will continue, as present, in a straight line towards Avondale. In the event of bad weather, works will be postponed to the following evening.

Great North Road diversion

People driving south who want to access the Waterview community at the Oakley Avenue/Great North Road intersection should be in the outer, diverted southbound lane  

Signage will be installed along Great North Road to alert drivers of the changes. 

The temporary layout will remain while the Waterview Connection’s tunnel boring machine, Alice, excavates under Great North Road. Alice is constructing the second of the two tunnels to connect the Northwestern and Southwestern Motorways (State Highways 16 and 20). 

For more information please contact:

Jan McCarthy
Media Manager - Christchurch

T: 03 964 2885
M: 021 427 442