Hamilton business loses warrant of fitness inspection approval


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) has revoked the approval for Hamilton's Fauster & Simba Automotive Engineering Ltd to carry out warrant of fitness inspections from last Friday, 4 June.

The NZTA has also revoked the appointment of one vehicle inspector and suspended the appointment of the other vehicle inspector for six months from 4 June. 

NZTA Access and Use Manager David Pearks says the revocation action was taken after the business repeatedly failed to lift its vehicle inspection standards.

Mr Pearks says the NZTA had given the business ample opportunity to make improvements after complaints were received about the standard of inspections.

 “We’ve received a series of complaints since February 2007. During that time we have endeavoured to help the business improve their standards on several occasions. The two vehicle inspectors were required to attend warrant of fitness refresher courses and one had his vehicle inspectors appointment suspended for one month in January 2010.”

A further complaint received in February 2010 related to a vehicle that was deemed unroadworthy within one month of being issued a warrant of fitness.

Mr Pearks says this was a clear indication that the business had failed to lift its standards. “The vehicle in question was unroadworthy and should never have been issued a warrant.”

An NZTA review of Fauster & Simba Automotive Engineering Ltd in March 2010 confirmed the business was performing below industry standards.

Mr Pearks says the NZTA expected agents to be thorough in their inspections and to perform to set safety standards.

“While we always endeavour to work alongside companies who are willing to improve their standards, our top priority is ensuring the safety of the travelling public. If it becomes evident that a company we are working with is either unable or unwilling to become compliant we will not hesitate to take appropriate action.”