Hamilton's SH3/Bader Street intersection traffic signals go live


Hamilton's busy Bader Street and Normandy Avenue State Highway 3 intersection will take a step toward becoming safer when new traffic signals are activated at 11am tomorrow.

"On average there has been one crash a month at this intersection," says NZ Transport Agency regional state highways manager Kaye Clark. "These crashes were mostly associated with vehicles exiting Bader Street and turning right into Normandy Avenue."

The $1.5 million of improvements which began in July, will improve safety for motorists turning out of Bader Street onto Normandy Avenue and for cyclists and pedestrians travelling between Bader and Lorne Streets, many of whom are children that walk and cycle near these busy roads everyday, Mrs Clark says.

The comprehensive upgrade includes:

  • Installation of traffic signals at the Normandy Avenue/Bader street intersection
  • A left turn lane for vehicles entering Bader Street from Normandy Avenue
  • Pedestrian crossings at both the Bader Street and Lorne Street intersections with Normandy Avenue
  • On-road and off-road cycling lanes
  • A new median island on Normandy Avenue
  • A new right turning bay for vehicles turning into Bader Street from Normandy Avenue
  • Restricted access at the Beatty Street intersection with Normandy Avenue to left in and left out only

Mrs Clark says in addition to providing easier access for motorists to Melville Park and Bader Street shops, the upgrade has also been designed to accommodate increased traffic flows predicted to be generated through future residential developments in the Peacockes area of the city.