HPMV permitting to go online


Soon applying for a High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) route permit will join the growing list of tasks that NZ Transport Agency customers can complete online.

HPMV permitting to go online

While HPMV operators in Auckland have been able to apply for their permits using an online system for some time now, this system is undergoing an upgrade in preparation for rolling out across the country in the first half of 2015.

When it goes nationwide, all operators will have the benefit of a system which offers a range of features such as tracking their permit’s progress and remembering their details to make repeat applications much faster. The system will also enable permits to be processed more efficiently, saving time for both the NZ Transport Agency and customers.

The new system will be centralised, meaning that the Transport Agency’s permitting team will receive permits through one channel. This will give them a much better understanding of permit demand and the ability to more effectively manage workflow and so speed up permitting time.

While the permit applications will be centralised, the decision to issue or decline a permit will still rest with each region’s Permit Issuing Officer.

Operators will be able to continue using a manual system for permits, although it is expected most will opt for the time-saving option of online applications. The system will be simple to use, and the permitting team will be on hand to help HPMV operators with support and advice, just email HPMVinfo@nzta.govt.nz.

The new system will be available through our website(external link).