Independent investigation commissioned in response to unauthorised disclosure of Auckland light rail documents


The NZ Transport Agency Board has appointed Michael Heron QC to undertake an independent investigation into recent unauthorised public disclosures of confidential and commercially sensitive information relating to the delivery of light rail in Auckland.

"It is disappointing and concerning that this information has been improperly disclosed, and it is appropriate that an independent investigation be undertaken in order to establish the facts,”  says Transport Agency Board Chair Sir Brian Roche.

The Terms of Reference for the investigation include:

  • investigating the unauthorised disclosure of the confidential information
  • reviewing the Transport Agency’s internal policies, procedures, processes, practices and conduct expectations relating to information access and use to provide assurance that appropriate protections are in place to prevent such disclosures being made, and
  • making any relevant recommendations to improve internal procedures.

The Board anticipates receiving a final report by the end of December 2019

No further comment will be provided while the independent investigation is underway.