Kaikoura convoys cancelled due to bad weather and safety risks


The NZ Transport Agency has cancelled all convoys in and out of Kaikoura today on the inland Mt Lyford Road (Route 70) because wet weather has caused a high risk of rockfalls and landslides.

Transport Agency Regional Performance Manager Pete Connors says very wet weather has significantly increased the risk of rockfalls and landslides on the already fragile route, making it unsafe for travel.

“We understand how difficult this is for people who had planned to make these trips, but we’ve seen some of the heaviest rain in the area since the earthquake and keeping people safe on this route, along with our contractors who are working to fix the road, is our number one priority. We have seen further damage we will need to fix over the weekend”

Contractors are scheduled to carry out important work to clear slips over the weekend, which means there will be no further convoys before Monday.

“Improving public access in and out of Kaikoura via this inland road (route 70) is an urgent priority and we are continuing to work hard to repair the damage caused by the November 14 earthquake.”

A daily schedule for supervised travel in and out of Kaikoura on the inland route has been set up for those who register with the Transport Agency.

“We’d remind people who’ve registered to travel with the convoy that there may be cancellations at times as we continue to prioritise safety.”

The schedule and how to register for travel on the inland route can be found here.

People who had registered to travel in today’s convoys will need to re-register for the next suitable trip.