Lifesaver road safety campaign updated in time for summer


The lifesaver road safety campaign on State Highways 29 over the Kaimais, and 36 between Tauranga and Rotorua has been updated just in time to remind summer visitors about the importance of driving safely on these challenging highways.

The new billboards show a more animated surf lifesaver vehicle with new and refined messages. The vehicles have had seatbelts added and now display facial reactions to road conditions and safe driving techniques. Updated anti-drink drive messages have been included in the campaign.

David Pearks, the NZ Transport Agency's Access and Use Manager says the refreshed campaign will renew interest in what has been a successful campaign to date.

“Engaging drivers and their passengers with easily understood, entertaining messages is a goal of the campaign.

“Cars and trucks wearing lifesaver caps illustrate the significance of the Bay of Plenty's beach culture and make the link that driving safely is as fundamental to road users as swimming between the flags is for beach goers,” said Mr Pearks.

Targeting driver behaviour is one strategy in the government's Safer Journeys/Safe System approach. The four pillars of the system are; safe road use, safe vehicles, safe speeds, and safe roads and roadsides.

The campaign is funded by the NZ Transport Agency and local councils, and is managed by the region’s Joint Road Safety Committee.