Manawatu Gorge reopens to one lane during the day


The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists that it has reopened the Manawatu Gorge to all traffic, with one lane operating during daylight hours.

Regional journeys manager Delaney Myers says the road was reopened at around 10.45am, and it will remain open during daylight hours. Traffic lights will give traffic turns at passing through the one-lane section of road past the slip site. The road will be closed at 6pm, and traffic rediverted to the alternative routes.

Ms Myers says that crews will assess the slip site early next week after the bad weather has passed, and make a decision on when 24-7 traffic can resume.

"We know this has been a bit of an ordeal and we want to thank the public, who have been very patient. 

"While we're stoked to open the road ahead of schedule, it's only a partial reopening and we remain focused to getting it safely open to two lanes of traffic 24-7.

"Having the road reopened so soon comes down to a truly dedicated effort by Higgins, MWH, Groundfix, and our own project team. Everyone has worked hard from the get-go to assess the slip and get it fixed in a safe  but timely manner."

Ms Myers also thanked local councils, who provided the alternative routes.

"We urge motorists to leave extra time up their sleeve and follow what the signs say, because things could change at the drop of a hat."

What you need to know:

  • The Gorge is now open
  • It will close at 6pm in the evenings until otherwise advised
  • On Sunday and Monday, it will open at 7am
  • If in doubt about whether the Gorge is open, our electronic signs will tell you. So will our website – link)
  • Leave enough time up your sleeve to use the Saddle Road, just in case we need to shut the Gorge at short notice
  • Just one lane for two-way traffic will be operating past the slip.
  • Traffic lights will let vehicles through, just like ‘stop-go’ signs. This will result in small delays.
  • Early next week we’ll assess whether we can open it up 24-7.