New Highway Manager heads north


‘Grunty’ transportation issues attract Niclas Johansson to Tauranga.

Niclas Johansson Road safety, freight, urban throughput, and a big highway programme needing careful planning and execution attracted Niclas to the role of Highway Manager for the Bay of Plenty.

Niclas comes to the position from Christchurch where he is Business Unit Manager for the South Island for the Transport Agency, and prior to that was Highway Manager in Dunedin. He replaces Brett Gliddon who recently took up the position of Highway Manager Auckland and Northland, and Andrew Scott who has been acting in the role since then.

"I did a similar role as the Highway Manager in Dunedin for a couple of years and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward in this role to getting closer to the action, and am also hoping to make a difference in a leadership sense to an already formidably strong local team, as well as continuing the Transport Agency's journey of getting us closer to our customers."

A civil engineer, originally from Sweden, Niclas has been working in New Zealand for 15 years. He's moving to Tauranga with his wife and two daughters, 10 and 13, and takes up the position in early October. 

"We are looking forward to a longer summer and swimming in the sea without a wetsuit! We are all into the outdoors, but the joys of hunting are lost on my daughters, so those outings are on my own. I also enjoy cycling, any kind will do, road riding, mountain biking, commuting and the motorised kind."