Four ways to keep our kids safe on the roads


AA and the NZ Transport Agency are promoting four simple steps people can take to keep kids safe on our roads.

This year’s Road Safety Week (starting today) is focussed on looking out for the most vulnerable group on our roads – children.

Last year crashes on New Zealand roads claimed the lives of 12 children aged under the age of 15, while another five children died after being run over in a driveway. Hundreds more were hospitalised with injuries.

“No one wants to see a child hurt or even worse in a crash. It’s an absolute worst nightmare,” says AA Motoring Affairs General Manager Mike Noon.

“Every child is precious, and the loss of young life and young potential in road crashes is not only tragic, it is also avoidable,” says NZ Transport Agency Road Safety Director Ernst Zöllner.

The AA and the Transport Agency urge everyone to think about what they can do to reduce the risks of kids being hurt on the roads, and particularly focus on the following:

Slow down around schools and school buses, and keep an eye out for kids at the start and end of the school day.

Up to the age of 7 children legally need to be in a child restraint and it is a good idea to keep all children in a booster seat until they reach 1.48m in height (4’10).

Drop and pick up your kids on the same side of the road as their school entrance, even if it means having to walk a bit further.

Be extra careful about young children on driveways. Each year, about five children die and more than 20 are seriously injured from being run over on a driveway, often by a family member or family friend.

“If we always do these four simple things we can keep bringing down the number of kids hurt on our roads,” says Mr Noon.

For more information contact:

Mike Noon
General Manager Motoring Affairs
new Zealand Automobile Association
T: 04 931 9984
M: 021 659 704

Ernst Zöllner
Road Safety Director
NZ Transport Agency
T: 09 969 9553
M: 021 241 5308