New options for hard to read registration plates


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is providing a new solution for drivers who transport objects that obscure their vehicle's registration plates.

From this month drivers have the option of purchasing an additional ‘supplementary’ registration plate – a smaller number plate that can be attached to an object that temporarily obscures a vehicle’s front or rear registration plate. Transport law requires registration plates to be legible and unobscured.

Ian Gordon, the NZTA’s general manager of Access and Use says the plates will be useful for a wide range of people who regularly transport objects ranging from bike racks to dog boxes.

“Previously a driver has had to remove their permanent registration plate, attach it to the object that would obscure it, and then return it to its original position when they were finished using the object. While that option is still available, a supplementary plate gives people another, easier option.”

Changes have also been made to the conditions for obtaining duplicate registration plates. While duplicate plates have been available for personalised plates for some time, they are now also available for damaged or destroyed ordinary registration plates.

Mr Gordon said the NZTA has received several requests from the transport industry to obtain duplicate registration plates.

“Vehicle registration numbers are often used for administration purposes and changing the number when damaged plates are replaced has added extra costs in updating and maintaining records. Also, people often get attached to their registration plate number and would prefer to keep it rather than adopt a new number.”

When new plates are generated, the NZTA requires damaged ordinary registration plates to be returned, or suitable evidence they have been destroyed.

For more information about the changes, including how to apply for supplementary or duplicate registration plates, see Vehicle registration plates.

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