New roundabout finished at Katikati


The first of six new roundabouts between Katikati and Ōmokoroa has been built and will be open in November, with just a few final touches left to complete including line marking and installing signs and barriers.

A large truck with a house on the back navigates around a roundabout

The roundabout at Rea Road / Tetley Road is 24m diameter and designed to slow traffic so vehicles can safely negotiate the intersection, including over dimension loads such as large heavy haulage vehicles.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Regional Manager of Infrastructure Delivery, Jo Wilton, says intersection crashes are the cause of one in four deaths and serious injuries on this section of State Highway 2, and roundabouts and flexible median barrier will significantly reduce the risk of crashes by making it easier for traffic from side roads to access the highway.

“Road to Zero is about making sure our whole transport system is safer. Safer drivers, safer speeds, safer cars, and safer roading infrastructure. The purpose of the roundabouts along this section of SH2 is to provide a safe turn around option once flexible median barriers are installed.”

“This roundabout brings us another step closer to a safer State Highway 2, and we are really proud of the team who are working in this challenging construction environment.”

Most of this roundabout has been constructed while maintaining two-way flow for traffic on a busy state highway, with around 15,000 vehicles passing through each day.

“Constructing a roundabout is complex, like putting together a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. We start at the outside and work through into the middle.

“As with a jigsaw puzzle the middle becomes very constrained for workspace, meaning at times there needs to be traffic controls and stop/go put in place,” says Ms Wilton.

“The team has worked hard to get to this point, with a very wet winter and a months’ worth of rain at the start of October, the programme has been carefully managed to maximise the time on site when it has been dry, as well as minimise traffic delays.”

“Activities that have required stop/go have been carried out at night where possible, however this is not always an option. We need to always ensure the safety of our people on site and consider the logistics of materials being supplied.”

“It's great to see the community adjusting well to their safe new roundabout, we appreciate these works have been disruptive at times, but the improvements make it safer for everyone who uses it.”

The second roundabout at Morton Road intersection is expected to be complete mid-2023 and over the next three to four years, 14.1km flexible median barrier will be installed between Katikati and Ōmokoroa making SH2 safer for everyone.

SH2 Waihī to Ōmokoroa project