New signs point the way


New detour signs have been installed on Middle Road, Glengarry Road and other local roads between Paki Paki and Waipukurau.

The signs will help road users find their way on local roads in the event that State Highway 2 and 5 in the Hawkes Bay are closed.

“Experience has shown us when there is an incident, such as a crash or a slip, that requires a temporary closure of State Highway 2 and 5, people want to know quickly what the alternative detour route is. However, sometimes there can be a delay in the contractors getting to the site to set up the detour signs,” Wayne Oldfield, Highway Manager, NZ Transport Agency says.

“We worked with the Hastings District Council and Central Hawkes Bay District Council to identify the local routes that are most commonly used as detours, and that’s where we have installed the signs. These signs will help people find the safest detour route via local roads if the state highway has to be closed for any reason. Having the detour signs up permanently means that there will now be no delays due to setting up detour signs, and will help keep traffic moving smoothly in the event of a state highway closure,” Mr Oldfield says.