New taxi safety rules signed


The Minister of Transport, Steven Joyce, has signed a Rule requiring taxis in larger towns and cities to be fitted with security camera systems. Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing Amendment (No 2) 2010 will also ensure taxi drivers get around-the-clock telecommunications support.

The Rule changes will provide a deterrent to crime against taxi drivers as well as enable a driver to use his or her taxi’s communications system to summon urgent assistance. The changes will also increase the safety of the travelling public.

The amendment Rule comes into force on 1 February 2011. Approved Taxi Organisations have until 1 August 2011 to have the required systems installed and operating in their taxis. Taxis that already have a security camera fitted when the Rule takes effect will be allowed to operate with that system until 1 February 2012.  By that date, they must either have their existing system approved by the NZ Transport Agency or replaced with one that has been approved.
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