Green Island night closures for a week at three new roundabouts for highway milling and new sealing


The NZ Transport Agency advises that the Green Island /Abbotsford access ramps onto and off Dunedin’s Southern Motorway will be closed overnight from 6pm to 6am from this Sunday evening, 20 May to Friday night, 25 May. The Abbotsford on ramp north will remain open.

Three roundabouts (see photo below) will be milled and re-sealed this coming week in overnight hours, requiring closures and alternative access routes.

The Main South Road from Brighton Road to Abbotsford Road will also be closed. This will affect the Green Island, Sunnyvale and Abbotsford communities and their usual access onto and off SH1, the Dunedin Southern Motorway.

Advice for Green Island, Abbotsford and Sunnyvale residents

“If you live in Green Island, Abbotsford or Sunnyvale, you will need to use either the Fairfield or Burnside Southern Motorway on and off ramps best suited for your journey,” says Graeme Hall, Transport Agency System Manager.

“Please bear in mind these closures start from 6 pm when it is getting dark and people on their way home will need to plan an alternative to their usual motorway/ Main South Road route.”

The three roundabouts’ (external link)road sealing project is jointly funded by the NZ Transport Agency and Dunedin City Council.  The new roundabouts at the Green Island interchange have been built to improve safety and traffic flow.

Drivers are also warned to expect temporary traffic management on Main South Road and a slower than usual drive on the milled, temporarily gravel surfaces once the road reopens in the daytime after the overnight closures in the coming week.

  • The Westland St on ramp will be closed Sunday to Friday nights from 6 pm to 6 am the next day. (20-25 May).
  • Abbotsford Road north off ramp will be closed from Monday night through to Friday (21 May – 25 May). (The Abbotsford on ramp north will remain open.)
  • The existing road surface will be milled/dug up and the new asphalt road surface built up in layers.
  • Wet weather will delay this programme so people should be aware it may be extended in that event.
  • During the day, work will continue on the footpaths and on drainage work.
  • People are asked not to park near the Abbotsford off ramp and Main South Road.

“Thanks to everyone for building in some extra time while this roundabout resealing work is underway and slowing around the road crews and unsealed areas,” says Mr Hall.

Map for where road closure points will be from 6 pm to 6 am, from Sunday night for up to a week:

Download road closure points map [PDF, 725 KB]

Information about the roundabouts project can be found on the DCC website: (external link).