NZTA announces details of $12 billion transport investment


The NZ Transport Agency has today announced the details of a $12.28 billion programme of investment in New Zealand's land transport system over the next three years.

The NZTA Board has confirmed investment levels for 14 separate activity classes included in the 2012-15 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), which cumulatively represent a $12.28 billion investment in New Zealand’s land transport system, including $9.38 billion from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).

The NLTP is a partnership between local authorities (who invest funding from ratepayers) and the NZTA (which develops the programme and invests funds from road users through the NLTF).

NZTA Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield said the 2012-15 NLTP would see major projects delivered and key transport corridors improved across the country, building on a decade of sustained investment and preparing New Zealand’s transport networks for the next ten years and beyond.

“This is an investment in New Zealand’s future. Funding from the NLTP will be targeted where it is most needed to ensure that the country’s transport networks are well connected, well maintained and deliver the best results for individual travellers, communities and businesses. These investments will make our roads safer, help our economy grow and give people more choice about how they travel.”

Mr Dangerfield said the 2012-15 NLTP followed the direction outlined in the Government Policy Statement on land transport funding (GPS)(external link), with a focus on creating transport solutions that will support economic growth, improve safety, provide people with a range of transport choices and deliver the best possible value for money.

“A high-performing transport system that supports improved productivity, economic growth and safety is a key priority for the government, and it is the primary objective of this NLTP.”

Mr Dangerfield said the total investment in the country’s transport system over the next three years would be even greater than the $12.28 billion in the NLTP when combined with additional spending planned by local authorities outside of the NLTP, as well as direct investments by government in rail and other transport initiatives.

He said the programme would deliver results in communities across New Zealand, with a particular focus on growing Canterbury and supporting the recovery of Christchurch after the earthquakes, progressing the roads of national significance, and on Auckland where there are significant opportunities for improved transport to support the city’s contribution to New Zealand’s economic growth.

There will be significant increases in the level of investment for many activities, including:

  • $4.1 billion investment in local roads (14% increase from 2009-12 actual spend)
  • $5.1 billion investment in state highways (7% increase from 2009-12 actual spend)
  • $1.7 billion investment in public transport (21% increase from 2009-12 actual spend)

Mr Dangerfield said investment through the 2012-15 NLTP would continue to progress the roads of national significance, key routes which will improve access to New Zealand’s ports and markets and are linked to our five largest centres of economic activity – Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

The first of the seven roads of national significance, Auckland’s Victoria Park Tunnel, was completed earlier this year, ahead of budget and on schedule. The remaining six roads of national significance being progressed under this NLTP are:

  • Christchurch Motorways
  • Waikato Expressway
  • Tauranga Eastern Link
  • Puhoi to Wellsford
  • Auckland’s Western Ring Route (including the Waterview Connection)
  • Wellington Northern Corridor

The $1.74 billion to be invested in New Zealand’s public transport system through the 2012/15 NLTP will provide funding for the capital investment in rolling stock in both Wellington and Auckland, the final implementation of Auckland’s integrated fares system, and the completion of Wellington’s real-time public transport information system.

Approximately $2.8 billion will be invested through the NLTP in activities which directly or indirectly improve road safety (a 5% increase on the previous three years), including $1.0 billion for road policing and road safety promotion.

The preparation of the 2012-15 NLTP has been informed by 16 regional transport committees and Auckland Transport developing and submitting regional land transport programmes outlining activities to be prioritised for NLTP funding. Mr Dangerfield said the NZTA would continue working closely with councils as the NLTP was implemented over the next three years.

The 2012-15 National Land Transport  Programme online

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