NZTA closing Miaoro Street (SH20) to accelerate interchange upgrade


The NZ Transport Agency will close the Maioro Street section of Auckland's Southwestern Motorway (State Highway 20) in Mt Roskill on Friday, 22 July, for four weeks so that it can accelerate the construction of a new interchange

The four week closure replaces an earlier plan to have a series of phased closures over a 10-12 week period.

The NZTA's State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker, says the Maioro Street works are significant and he asks for support from drivers to ensure the accelerated construction programme can be completed on time.

"Unfortunately, this closure will cause delays and we apologise for this," he says. "Constructing the new interchange in a four week timetable will help us keep disruptions to a minimum. The alternative is a three month-long building programme with even more delays and detours."

Maioro Street is a key link for drivers travelling between the Central/Western suburbs and to South Auckland
The NZTA will have detours in place and it advises all drivers to allow more time for their journeys - especially during the morning and afternoon peaks, and if they use Maioro Street to go to and from Auckland International Airport.

Maioro Street will be closed between Sandringham Road and Richardson Road so the NZTA can construct the new Maioro Street and Richardson Road intersection, as well as complete the new motorway off ramp and noise walls. During the second and final weekends of the four week period the NZTA will extend the closure further south along the Southwestern Motorway to the Dominion Road off ramp.

The closure will enable the NZTA to install the necessary drainage and complete the new on-ramp over  Sandringham Road and realign roads around the interchange. .

"By carrying out all of this work the entire Maioro Street Interchange project - including the new half diamond interchange, two new bridges and new motorway on and off ramps - will be open again before the Rugby World Cup and fully complete before Christmas - three months ahead schedule," Mr Parker says.

"We sincerely thank drivers for their patience and support while we get this work done as quickly as possible so we can deliver the benefits of this interchange sooner."

Mr Parker adds that the Maioro Street Interchange is an important component of the Waterview Connection project linking the Southwestern and Northwestern (SH16) motorways - a key component to completing the Western Ring Route road of national significance to improve transport links around region and reduce dependency on State Highway 1 and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

"The closure beginning on 22 July will start after the afternoon peak and detours will be in place. There still be delays and we urge motorists to plan ahead, use alternative routes around the city and allow plenty of extra time to get to their destinations on time and safely - especially during the morning and afternoon peaks

"Again we thank motorists for their patience and support to help us keep Auckland moving during this time."

Eventually the Maioro Street interchange will be developed into a full diamond interchange with motorway ramps for both north and southbound traffic. This will create a seamless connection between the existing and future Southwestern motorway (SH20). Cyclists will have smoother trips with an extended cycleway and the project will establish local and motorway access for residents of New Windsor, Mt Roskill and Wesley.

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