NZTA concerned about misleading Basin Bridge image


The NZ Transport Agency is concerned that a visual representation of Wellington's proposed Basin bridge being promoted by the Save the Basin group is misleading and bears virtually no resemblance to the actual proposed design.

NZTA Regional Director Jenny Chetwynd says the agency recognises that a Basin bridge, while providing improved journeys for motorists, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, will also create visual impacts.

“We have always been strongly committed to mitigating these impacts. For instance, we are in continued discussions with affected parties to screen the view of the bridge from within the Basin ground.”

The image on the left in the graphic below is a verified photorealistic Truescape image of the proposed bridge that has been presented at NZTA public information days (note this does not include the proposed screening measure that we are currently designing). This image has been developed using an Environment Court accepted technique that is used extensively worldwide. The image on the right is the bridge as incorrectly depicted by Save the Basin.

“We note that Save the Basin’s artist has added around two storeys to the height of the bridge. The actual height of the bridge would be significantly less. The number of piers visible from this angle will be one, rather than five as depicted, and there are no nodular bumps at the top. The bridge will also be light grey, not black.

"We know people are passionate about the city and about the cricket ground, and we value informed discussion about our proposals.

"We encourage people to visit our website – link) for more information and accurate images of the proposed bridge design,” Ms Chetwynd said.

Truescape image of proposed Basin Bridge imageSave the basin Basin Bridge image
Truescape image of proposed Basin Bridge                        'Save the Basin' image of proposed Basin Bridge