NZTA recycling slip material for use in nearby road improvements


The NZ Transport Agency is making good use of the material being cleared from the massive slip at the Manawatu Gorge, with a significant amount of the estimated 200,000 cubic metres of rock and dirt brought down in the slip likely to be recycled for use in nearby road works.

State Highway Manager David McGonigal says some of the slip material will be used as a base for the nearby SH2 Napier Road Realignments at Corby Road and Papatawa north of Woodville.

Mr McGonigal says that some of the material being recovered from the gorge is of good quality, and its use will make a real difference in construction costs for the two projects.

“Rather than having to buy specially quarried material from another source, we’ll be able to make use of a significant quantity of the material cleared from gorge— approximately 35,000 cubic metres at Corby Road and potentially another 50,000 cubic metres at Papatawa. It’s ideal for a road base, and we’re really pleased to be able to recycle it for this purpose.”

Mr McGonigal also thanked road users for their ongoing patience in dealing with the unsealed temporary road works through the Corby Road area.

“The recent wet weather has been a challenge during the critical phase of constructing the new pavement. In order to build the new alignment, traffic will have to be re-routed off the remaining existing sealed highway.  We know this is frustrating for road users, and we thank them again for your patience and understanding.”

Mr McGonigal said with the fine weather forecast for the rest of this week, the NZTA is optimistic that final preparation of the uphill section can be completed in readiness for sealing another 400 metres of new highway, on top of the 500 metres already completed.