NZTA supporting goal of a fatality-free Labour weekend


The NZ Transport Agency is supporting Police in the effort to achieve a Labour weekend free of fatalities on New Zealand roads.

“Police will be out in force over the weekend targeting unsafe and inconsiderate drivers who put everyone at risk.  We'll be supporting that effort with targeted road safety messaging on our state highway variable message signs, as well as through targeted radio and television advertising kicking off tomorrow,” said NZTA Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield.

Mr Dangerfield said the weekend activity was part of a long-term, multi-agency commitment to achieve a safe road system in New Zealand which is increasingly free of death and serious injury. 

“This approach refuses to accept that any road death is inevitable. Put simply, we’re working to create a system where skilled, competent, alert and sober drivers travel at safe speeds in safe vehicles on safe roads that are predictable and forgiving of mistakes.”

For more information on the NZ Police Labour weekend road safety campaign visit link).

For more information on the effort to create a safe road system in New Zealand, visit link).