NZTA supporting Road Safety Week 2012


The NZ Transport Agency is applauding the efforts of the international road safety charity Brake NZ to encourage New Zealanders from all walks of life to think about how they can help reduce needless deaths and injuries on our roads.

Acting NZTA Chief Executive Stephen Town says the agency is supporting the work of Brake NZ  to raise awareness through a range of activities which the charity is organising as part of Road Safety Week 2012 (May 7-13).

“By promoting the simple message ‘Together we can save lives’ as the theme for Road Safety Week, Brake NZ is reminding New Zealanders that road safety is everyone’s concern and that everyone can do something to save lives and prevent injuries on the road,” Mr Town says.

“That’s a message wholeheartedly supported by the NZ Transport Agency through our work to create a safe transport system in New Zealand that is increasingly free of deaths and serious injuries. That means engineers designing roads and roadsides that are forgiving of human error, it means drivers choosing to purchase the safest vehicles they can afford, and it means everyone choosing to drive at safe speeds while alert and unimpaired. We all have an influence on how safe our road system is, and we can all make a difference.”