NZTA taking action to improve cyclist safety on Rocks Road


The NZ Transport Agency has announced plans to temporarily lower the speed limit at Rocks Road between Basin Reserve and Magazine Point at the end of this week to help improve safety for cyclists.

NZTA Operations Manager Mark Owen says the NZTA will put in place signs late this week temporarily reducing the speed limit to 30km/h on the 250m section of highway.

"It's crucial for the safety of cyclists that people observe this speed limit, and we urge everyone to slow down, watch out for cyclists, and please be courteous."

"It's only a short section of Rocks Road that's affected by the narrow lanes, so there's no excuse for people putting others at risk for the sake of saving a few seconds."

Mr Owen says the NZTA met with Nelson City Council officials, NZ Police, Road Transport Association, and groups representing pedestrians and cyclists yesterday to listen to concerns and identify where further improvements could be made.

"We're really pleased that people have taken the time to sit down and share their concerns with us, and we've listened and are acting immediately to make changes."

Mr Owen says the NZTA is working closely with Nelson City Council towards moving shipping  containers at other sites on Rocks Road to provide a safe pathway for cyclists.

The NZTA would also improve the location and messaging of electronic signage to reinforce the importance of sharing the road and taking extra care through the site.

Mr Owen says the NZTA is grateful for the patience and understanding of Nelson road users while the work to secure the cliff-face is carried out.

"This is complex, tricky work that will be carried out on a cliff-face by some pretty brave contractors under strict safety conditions. It's important we do the job thoroughly and carefully, both for the safety of our contractors and the people using the road."

The speed restrictions would be in place until approximately May, when on-site work affecting the road is due to be completed.