NZTA to announce MacKays to Peka Peka consultation timelineon 19 November


The NZ Transport Agency expects to announce the new consultation timeline for the MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway on 19 November, following its scheduled Board Committee meeting on 18 November, and expects to begin an extended consultation period approximately 10 days afterwards.

NZTA Regional Director Central Jenny Chetwynd today said the NZTA is making progress refining the route. It would be presenting the new route proposals to the NZTA Board Committee for confirmation at its scheduled meeting on the 18th November.  The timing of the consultation relative to the Christmas/holiday period will also be considered by the Board. Following the Board meeting, the new timeline will be publicly announced on the 19th November. 

“By further developing the proposed route, we’ll be able to provide more information that will give people greater certainty about the path of the proposed route.”

Ms Chetwynd said the NZTA hoped to begin consultation around 10 days following the 18 November meeting, which would give it time to finish preparing and printing consultation material for the public.

Ms Chetwynd said that since the consultation period would straddle the Christmas/New Year break, the NZTA expects to extend the timeframe for consultation to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to carefully consider the proposals and provide feedback. 

Ms Chetwynd said the agency understood that the community was frustrated with the delay to consultation, and want to see the route as soon as possible.

“We know that this delay has been difficult for people, but it’s important that people are presented with as much detail as possible, and the refinements we’ve made to the proposed route over the last few weeks will provide the Kapiti community with more certainty once consultation commences.

Ms Chetwynd also acknowledged that some members of the community had expressed a desire to see earlier proposed versions of the expressway route before consultation gets underway, but said doing so at this stage would only add to uncertainty in the community.

“It's important that we present the most up to date details of the proposed route, to ensure that they have the clear and accurate picture of what is proposed and who is potentially affected.”

The announcement of the new consultation timeline will be made on 19 November, and will be posted on the NZTA’s website and advertised in local newspapers. Updated timelines will also be sent to all Kapiti residents.