NZTA to reschedule MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway consultation


The NZ Transport Agency is rescheduling public consultation for the MacKays to Peka Peka expressway to enable the proposals to be further refined.

NZTA Central Regional Director Jenny Chetwynd says public consultation for the expressway was initially proposed to begin on 7 November, but that this is being rescheduled to allow the NZTA to further refine these proposals and provide more certainty to landowners and the wider community when consultation begins.

“We’ve made some good progress on developing proposals, and with some further development we’ll be in a position to provide people with a better understanding of the potential impacts,” says Ms Chetwynd.

“This will help us to further refine the specific proposals we’ve developed and therefore potentially reduce the impact on property owners.”

Ms Chetwynd says the NZTA appreciates that people are eager to have the opportunity to see the proposals and comment on them as soon as possible.

“We’ve rescheduled the consultation to ensure that the proposals we present to the public reflect the best possible options that provide the greatest certainty for property owners and the wider community.

“By getting it right early in the process we’ll save ourselves and the community time and uncertainty further down the track.”

Ms Chetwynd says the NZTA will announce the new timeline for consultation next week.

“We’re committed to keeping the community fully informed on the project, and it’s therefore important that no stone is left unturned in this process. We thank the community for their patience and understanding in the meantime.”

Ms Chetwynd says that the NZTA will consider extending the planned six week consultation period to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to consider the proposals and provide feedback.

The NZTA will be writing to residents later in the week to ensure they are made aware of the change to the consultation schedule.


The new timelines for the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway consultation will now be announced following the NZTA's next Board committee meeting on Thursday 18 November. This will enable the NZTA to put the refined route proposal to its Board committee before proceeding to public consultation.