Overnight resealing work planned for State Highway 2


The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists of planned overnight resealing work on two stretches of State Highway 2, starting Sunday February 10.

The work will take place between 7pm and 5am so the resealing can be completed quickly, safely and efficiently with minimal disruption for road users, says the Transport Agency’s System Manager Wayne Oldfield. 

Resealing between Dobson Road and Mangatawhiri Road will happen over three nights, starting on Sunday, 10 February and continuing on Monday, 11 February and Thursday, 14 February. 

The second stage will take place between Dimmock Road and Heaven Road from Monday, 11 February for four nights until Thursday, 14 February.

There will be stop/go traffic management in place overnight and motorists are advised the work dates may change if there is poor weather. Rain affects the materials used during resurfacing. 

Vehicles travelling at the temporary speed limit help press the new chip into the seal. Road sweepers will remove excess chip. 

“Motorists are advised to plan ahead and allow extra time for their journeys on State Highway 2 while we complete this essential maintenance work,” says Mr Oldfield. 

Tips for driving on chip seal:

  • Get ready: Slow down to the temporary speed limit before reaching the coned area
  • Leave space: keep at least two car lengths from the vehicle in front
  • Avoid braking: tap the brakes lightly if required
  • Don’t drive too fast: your vehicle scatters chips and may damage other vehicles
  • Don’t drive to slow: your vehicle sinks causing bitumen and chips to stick to your wheels
  • Keep to the temporary speed limit for the safety of our road crews and all other motorists. 
State Highway 2 chip seal works [JPG, 313 KB]

The resealing will happen on two stretches of State Highway 2 between Sunday night and Thursday night next week. Click on the map for a larger view.

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