Pavement repair for sections of State highway 1 through Gore


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) expects to have pavement repairs to parts of State Highway 1through Gore completed on schedule by Friday 1 March.

Worn patches of asphalt on both sides of the highway from Medway St roundabout to adjacent to KFC are being replaced. A milling machine is being used to grind out the old asphalt and an asphalt paver places the new asphalt surface.

NZTA Southland Area Manager Peter Robinson says the job costing around $100,000 is being carried out by Southroads Ltd.  Work started on Monday 25 February and is being carried out between 7pm to 6am to minimise disruption to road users, as well as businesses and people living in the area.

“Businesses that operate between these hours should not be affected by this work although vehicle access may be restricted where necessary. Footpaths will remain open at all times.”

Mr Robinson says the existing asphalt laid in 1999 has gradually deteriorated over time, and we are replacing the worst of the sites in the main carriageway between the central median and the highway edgeline he said.