Record $7.3 billion investment to get Auckland moving and save lives


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has today announced a record $7.3 billion transport investment over the next three years that will help get Auckland moving and deliver a safer, more sustainable, better connected and more resilient transport system.

The investment in Auckland is part of a $24.3 billion programme of investment planned for New Zealand’s land transport system over the next three years, detailed in the 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), published today by Waka Kotahi.

Ngā Kaupapa Huarahi o Aotearoa | 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP)

The NLTP comprises $15.6 billion from the National Land Transport Fund, generated through fuel excise, road user charges and other revenue sources; $4.6 billion from local government, generated through rates and Auckland’s Regional Fuel Tax; and $3.8 billion in other Crown investments.

“Auckland is a world class city and it needs a world-class transport system that is safe and efficient to keep everyone moving as New Zealand’s largest city continues to grow. This investment, which supports the aims of the recently updated 2021–31 Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) will both help support growth in existing areas with more accessible, sustainable travel options and unlock new housing developments,” says Steve Mutton, Waka Kotahi Director Regional Relationships for Auckland and Northland.

The $7.3 billion investment planned for Auckland over the next three years marks an increase of 28% from the previous 2018–21 NLTP.

“Funding in this NLTP will see the completion of some significant strategic projects that will provide new public transport and walking and cycling options, such as the Panmure to Pakuranga section of the Eastern Busway, and improvements to the Northern Corridor (NCI),” says Mr Mutton.

“We’re continuing our strong focus on investment in public transport and remain committed to deliver a rapid transit network for the city that unlocks critical housing and urban development opportunities, and gives people better access to jobs, health, education and recreation.”

“Over the next three years we’ll invest in rapid transit as part of a wider $2.8 billion investment in Auckland’s public transport system. This includes developing rapid transit options for Auckland Light Rail and supporting the completion of Auckland’s first underground rail line, the City Rail Link, by late 2024,” says Mr Mutton.

To further ease congestion, help reduce carbon emissions and make Auckland a healthier place to live, $289 million will be spent creating great walking and cycling routes in the city. This includes replacing Old Māngere Bridge and completing Auckland’s Urban Cycleways Programme.

“Safety is a top priority for Waka Kotahi with $298 million to be spent on programmes and projects in Auckland that will save lives. This includes upgrades and speed management on 135kms of Auckland’s state highways.”

Full details of the investments being made through the National Land Transport Programme, including detailed regional breakdowns, can be found at

Editors’ notes:

  • The 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) is a partnership between local government, which invests local funding on behalf of ratepayers, and Waka Kotahi, which invests national funding on behalf of Government through the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). Funds for the NLTF are collected from petrol excise, road user charges and vehicle registration and licensing fees.
  • The $24.3 billion 2021–24 NLTP includes $15.6 billion from the NLTF and $4.6 billion from local government. Government will also invest $3.8 billion in additional Crown funding to deliver specific programmes through the NLTP.
  • NLTP investments are designed to give effect to the strategic priorities outlined in the Government Policy Statement for land transport (GPS).
  • Demand for funding for the 2021–24 NLTP period has been higher than ever before and the Government has provided additional financing of $2 billion that will enable Waka Kotahi to deliver more for New Zealand with its co-investment partners.