Reduced speed at two railway level crossings south and mid-Canterbury over the winter months


Reduced speed at two rail level crossings at Winchester, South Canterbury, and Chertsey, Mid Canterbury

The NZ Transport Agency has put in place temporary, reduced speed limits of 50km/hour at two railway level crossings, controlled with Give Way or Stop signs, (not flashing lights and barriers) in south and mid Canterbury.

The sealed and curved approaches to the two level crossings at Winchester and Chertsey deteriorated in the hot summer conditions, with the seal “bleeding” or melting and the surface roughness being reduced.

As a result, if it rains, drivers were much more likely to slide on the road surface unless they are travelling at the temporary 50km/hour speed limit.

“We need to do a full road repair at these two level crossings in the coming spring/summer season,” says Pete Connors, Transport Agency System Manager. “In the meantime, for everyone’s safety, we will keep the temporary speed limits in place until these full repairs are completed. That will be until October at least.”

Crews have now completed minor road repairs using water cutting technology at the two sites, which reduces the potential for slipperiness in wet conditions, but is only a short term solution.

“Thanks to everyone who crosses SH1 at these points regularly for slowing down and taking care over the coming winter,” says Mr Connors.

“Additional safety measures will soon be undertaken to reinforce the need for the 50km/hour temporary speed limit at these two locations.”

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