Safety improvements on SH1 at Tamahere


A passing lane is to be removed and the speed limit reduced to 80km/h to improve safety on a busy section of State Highway 1 just south of Hamilton.

Both measures are included in works starting from Sunday to make access to and from SH1 safer between Annebrook Road and Bollard Road, including Cherry Lane, at Tamahere. The NZ Transport Agency says the changes being introduced are aimed at improving safety, and have strong community support

The key safety measures are:

  • Removing the southbound passing lane on SH1 between Annebrook Road and Cherry Lane
  • Replacing of the passing lane with a painted flush median
  • Reducing the speed limit to 80km/h
  • Removing the left turn slip lane into Cherry Lane, but keeping a shoulder.

Night-time works will run from Sunday 19 October to Friday 23 October 2014, weather permitting, and include a north-bound detour for SH1 traffic via Airport Road and Newell Road and back on to Cambridge Road/SH1.

The total cost will be about $120,000, funded from the Transport Agency’s minor works programme budget.

“The Transport Agency is aware of residents’ safety concerns around State Highway 1 intersections at Tamahere,’’ says Principal Safety Engineer Michelle Te Wharau.  “We have been working together to find ways to reduce the crash risk to people living in the area – which also includes the Eventide Home and Retirement Village.

“The long-term solution is the Hamilton section of the Waikato Expressway which is due for completion in 2019.  This will separate state highway traffic from local road traffic, taking away the risk of conflict at intersections like at Cherry Lane if someone makes a mistake.

“In the meantime these measures will make that area safer for all road users – residents, their friends and family and all through traffic.”
The changes are part of the Transport Agency’s “safe system’’ approach to road safety.

"We have been reducing deaths and serious injuries by taking action in four key areas – safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, safe road use and safe speeds,” Mrs Te Wharau says.

"In addition to investing in safer roads and roadsides and promoting safer driving and safer vehicles, lowering travel speeds on some high risk sections of road will help to reduce crashes and reduce the severity of those crashes that do occur. Even small reductions in speeds can greatly reduce the likelihood of a crash occurring and increase the chances of people surviving those crashes that do occur.’’
The Transport Agency recommends people leaving the Tamahere side roads and heading towards Hamilton turn left and use the airport interchange to travel under this busy stretch of road.  A sign at Cherry Lane supports this, and flyers have been produced for local people explaining the safer route.  

“All these measures are designed to get people in, out or through this busy stretch of road without incident until SH1 there becomes part of the Waikato Expressway and people then will have a local road network,” Mrs Te Wharau says.

“We ask that motorists do their bit too, particularly as we approach the busy summer holiday period by ensuring they travel at safe speeds, take extra care when turning, and remain alert for any unexpected vehicle movements.”

Drainage improvements either side of Annebrook Road are also being done at the same time as this month’s work.

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