SH1 Aotea Quay ramp closures


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) advises motorists heading south on State Highway 1 that the motorway off-ramp onto Aotea Quay will be closed each night from Wednesday 11 August until Monday 20 September 2010.

Wellington Operations Manager, Mr Owen, said the closure periods will be from 8pm each evening through to 5am the following morning, excluding Friday and Saturday nights.

“During this time, we advise traffic wanting to access Aotea Quay to exit at the Ngauranga Interchange and travel along Hutt Road.  Electronic signs will be used to advise motorists of this diversion.

Mr Owen said the closures will allow access for contractors to carry out work as part of NZTA’s $4.5 million Thorndon Overbridge safety improvements project. 

“The project has now reached a stage where work needs to be carried out at the Aotea Quay on and off ramps. To do this safely, full ramp closures are required.”

“Once the work is completed on the south-bound Aotea off-ramp, we will be looking at closing the northbound Aotea Quay on-ramp.  We will confirm the dates for closure of the on-ramp closer to the time.

“We apologise to motorists for any inconvenience while this work is carried out.”

Background Information – SH1 Thorndon Overbridge Safety Improvements

The NZ Transport Agency’s (NZTA) $4.5 million safety improvements project on Wellington’s SH1 motorway, replacing crash barriers on the Thorndon Overbridge above Aotea Quay, started in June 2010.

The existing crash barriers were installed when the overbridge was built during the1970s. Exposure to 40 years of Wellington weather and salt spray has taken its toll and the barrier needs replacing. Technology has also moved on since the ‘70s and the new barrier will provide additional protection to motorists.

It is expected that it will take up to a year to complete the work.

During this time, to ensure motorist and workforce safety while working, traffic will be reduced to two lanes and the speed limit reduced to 70km/h through the project.

To minimise delays, all lanes will be open during peak hours – that is three lanes Southbound during the AM peak and three lanes Northbound during the PM peak.
Motorists are encouraged to merge early and safely as directed by the electronic lane control signs and temporary traffic signs.

To enable work to be carried out safely at the Aotea Quay on and off ramps, full ramp closures will be required.