SH1 Warkworth – Slip lanes helping to ease congestion onSH1 Warkworth


Southbound traffic has eased following the opening of a new left turn slip lane from SH1into Whitaker Road. The improvement is part of the NZ Transport Agency and Rodney District Council’s Stage 1 Warkworth project to improve travel times and ease congestion in and around the area.

While there is still some surfacing work to be completed on the slip lane,  NZTA has opened it to traffic with a temporary coating.

A northbound slip-lane from SH1into Woodcocks Road has also been open since February allowing through traffic on SH1 to keep moving and avoid being held up by left turning traffic.

The SH1/Whitaker Road intersection was reshaped to provide more space for turning traffic and the area regraded to new levels to improve sight distances and traffic movements.

The north and southbound footpaths and driveways between Whitaker Road and Mahurangi Bridge have also been repaved as part of the improvements.

For more information on the SH1 Warkworth improvements please visit link)