SH2 Elizabeth Street roundabout metering begins this week


The NZ Transport Agency will start roundabout metering at the SH2 Elizabeth Street roundabout from this Thursday, to help improve the southbound traffic flow on Takitimu Drive in the morning peak.

From 7am Thursday 11 April, traffic lights will be operating on SH2 Takitimu Drive northbound off-ramp to the Elizabeth Street roundabout. The traffic lights will have orange and red lights but no green.

Bay of Plenty Transport System Manager Rob Campbell said the traffic lights on SH2 will be phased to ease queues for SH2 southbound traffic during the weekday morning peak.

“The lights will only operate when high traffic queues in the morning on the SH2 southbound approach activate the metering. When this happens, the lights on the northbound approach will turn orange then red to stop the vehicles, allowing SH2 southbound traffic to enter the roundabout.”

Give way rules still apply when entering the roundabout.

“Most of the time the traffic lights won’t be activated, except when high traffic queues on the southbound leg activate them, then the traffic lights will turn red to stop the vehicles, allowing traffic from the busiest road, in this case SH2 Takitimu Drive traffic heading south, to enter the roundabout. The red phase is short and will turn off before a large queue is created,” says Mr Campbell.

He said roundabout metering is designed to improve the traffic flow at morning peak times, and allow traffic from the busiest road to enter the intersection.

“This is the same type of system that is operating at SH29A Barkes Corner roundabout, and will be trialled for up to 18 months, and may become permanent,” he said.

Roundabout metering was reintroduced at SH29A Barkes Corner in December 2018 and has been operating well, with improved traffic flow and reduced travel times for most.

The roundabout metering projects are part of a wider programme being implemented across the region to improve safety and journey times.

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