SH2 Norfolk Pines safety works getting underway next week


The NZ Transport Agency will begin work on the installation roadside wire-rope safety barriers on the Norfolk Pines section of SH2 between Napier and Awatoto from early next week.

NZ Transport Agency regional state highways manager Chuck Dowdell says the work is aimed at preventing needless deaths and serious injuries on this busy section of road.

“Over the past 10 years there have been five fatal crashes and many more causing serious injuries in incidents where vehicles have left the road and struck trees. The Transport Agency is committed to creating a more forgiving transport system where mistakes by drivers don’t result in deaths or serious injuries. This safety work is part of that approach, recognising that while some mistakes are inevitable, deaths and serious injuries are not.”

Mr Dowdell says that wire rope barriers were chosen for the project because they have a proven track record of preventing crashes, they are the safest solution for a straight road environment and have they have the least visual impact in terms of the seaward view to Marine Parade.

Mr Dowdell says the work will commence early next week and is expected to take up to three weeks to complete. During this time the Transport Agency is asking motorists to be keep an eye out for contractors working on site and comply with any speed limit restrictions, which will be in place to protect the safety of contractors and road users.