SH6 Kawarau Gorge and SH6 Jack Hanley Drive, Jack’s Point - resealing work at night from this weekend


Resealing on sections of SH6 in the Kawarau Gorge and at the intersection with Jack Hanley Drive are planned to start this Saturday, 19 November, overnight hours. The work is part of the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency summer works programme, carried out by Aspiring Highways.

Given the amount of traffic on SH6 daytime hours, work will be completed at night with rolling closures, says Waka Kotahi Maintenance Contract Manager Peter Standring.  Apart from the Saturday night start at 10 pm, work will begin at 9 pm and end at 5 am. 

“The road will open at least once an hour and waiting vehicles will be piloted through the site. This will keep our crews safe as well as road users, plus we can protect the fresh seal.”

All sealing work relies upon fine, warm weather so the dates below may alter accordingly: 

SH6 Kawarau Gorge from Victoria Flats Bridge to east of Pearson Road:

Saturday, 19 November through to the morning of Tuesday 22 November, 9pm to 5am normally, except for Saturday when work won’t start till 10 pm to accommodate Queenstown Marathon traffic.

SH6 Kawarau Gorge from Crown Range intersection to Bungy Bridge:

Tuesday, 22 November through to morning of Thursday 24 November, 9pm to 5am.  

SH6 intersection with Jack Hanley Drive, Jack’s Point:

Thursday, 24 November, 9pm to 5am.   

“While this work will improve the surface of this section of road, it is also very important for both the overall resilience of the network and the safety of road users,” says Mr Standring.  

“We understand resealing works can be noisy and this could affect nearby residents. We will be doing all we can to minimise the impact on households and businesses. Everyone’s co-operation and patience will help us get the job done as quickly as possible.” 

The team on the ground will be trying to minimise the delay to waiting traffic as much as possible, but late night and early morning travellers should plan for up to an hour’s delay. 

Speed restrictions will be in place following the works to allow the seal to bed in properly.

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