Small change, big effect


Work is well underway for the introduction of a small but important change to the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (VDAM) Rule that has long been of concern to the road transport industry.

Small change, big effect

The change to the rules and regulations governing vehicles operating over the standard weight limits addresses anomalies that allowed for significant roadside penalties for minor infringements by those operating on a HPMV permit.

NZ Transport Agency Project Manager Kevin O’Kane says the amendment of the Vehicle Dimensions & Mass Rule addresses concerns expressed by the transport industry and truck operators.

“The Rule amendment addresses an anomaly which meant that breaching any one of a range of permit conditions, regardless of its importance, can incur disproportionately harsh consequences and penalties,” says Kevin.

He says the changes establish a more balanced scale of penalties for breaches of permit conditions by those operating HPMVs. There will be new graduated offences with appropriate penalties for breaches by permit holders, and increased levels of fines for overweight vehicles if the vehicle doesn’t have a permit.

Kevin discussed the Rule change with road controlling authorities at their Forum meeting last weekend, saying it was well received. The Transport Agency is currently designing new permits for use by road controlling authorities.

The change is expected to be introduced in the first half of 2015.

Meanwhile a full review of the Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule is underway. A joint team from the Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport, with the participation of a number of industry reference groups, is preparing a discussion document that is aimed to be released in March 2015, with the implementation of any changes to commence in 2016. 

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