Southbound Switch: Southern Motorway closure, Sept 4-5


The Southbound lanes of the Southern Motorway (SH1) will be closed for a maximum of 36 hours from 5pm Saturday September 4 between Gillies Ave and Greenlane. The closure is required to enable us to open the new southbound Newmarket Viaduct in time for the Monday morning commute.

Avoid the Southern Motorway (SH1) if you're planning to travel anywhere around Auckland on Saturday night or Sunday. The closure will cause significant delays throughout Auckland's road network.

You can help yourself and others beat the frustrations that this may cause by only travelling by car if really necessary. Should you need to travel by car, please consult the detour maps by clicking on the map below. These detours will provide you with the best travel option to key destination points, however delays are inevitable.



Either switch your mode of transport, or keep it very local this Father's Day.

This single weekend closure and opening of the new bridge will allow us to open the fourth southbound motorway lane from the city to Greenlane by early 2011, reducing journey times and peak hour frustrations for regular commuters, and providing an improved driving experience for all Aucklanders.

We encourage you to forward this email or mention the closure to friends, staff, colleagues and customers. The more people who are aware of the closure and its potential impacts, the easier it will be for everyone.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.